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In the "Meditation in Healing" course, students will investigate the transformative force of meditation as a tool for healing and overall health. Participants will learn to utilize their interior resources to facilitate physical, emotional, and mental restoration through guided practices and theoretical instruction.

Learning Objectives:

  • Comprehend the underlying principles of meditation and its application to healing.
  • Learn numerous meditation techniques that address specific health issues.
  • Cultivate self- and other-awareness and compassion to facilitate the healing process.
  • Examine the mind-body connection and its impact on health and rehabilitation.
  • For sustained healing and tension reduction, develop a daily meditation practice.

Learning Outcome:

Students who successfully complete the "Meditation in Healing" course will:

  • Understand meditation's function in facilitating healing and its potential effects on health and well-being in depth.
  • Possess a variety of meditation techniques for addressing specific health issues and promoting interior balance.
  • Possess greater mindfulness, compassion, and emotional resiliency, thereby enhancing their ability to overcome obstacles.
  • For long-term healing and self-care, develop a personalized meditation practice and incorporate it into daily life.
  • Be endowed with the skills necessary to support their own rehabilitation journey and provide compassionate assistance to those in need.

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