Dharma Cloud Monastery
  The Dharma Cloud Monastery is a peaceful and quiet meditation garden. Azalia flowers bloom in spring, with a quiet lake and a garden full of red leaves in the fall. With the cold air of the high mountains, there are wandering clouds winding on the lake's surface, and sometimes a fish gently comes up to grab the air. The fantasy scene in the early morning makes people's hearts, no matter how disturbed they are, be quiet along with the tranquil mountains and forests.

Here, we practice Loving Kindness Meditation and Insight Meditation.
Just sitting quietly, listening to the birds chirping, receiving the morning sunlight gently shining down on the garden, the sunlight is so clear as glass through the tree branches. Walking meditation for a while will make us feel our heart is light, as light as a cloud.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our monastery. Unfortunately, we are not open to the public. However, if you would like to visit the Venerables or learn meditation, or support food, please come on the weekend and let us know before you arrive.