Residence at the Monastery: Exclusive Accommodation for Monks and Nuns 

Step into spiritual nourishment heaven at the Australian Academy for Education - Dharma Cloud Monastery. Our monastery accommodation provides a warm embrace for the monks and nuns, providing a peaceful space for you to deepen your spiritual practice and cultivate a strong sense of community. 

Highlights of the monastery's lodging: 

Sacred retreat

Peaceful amid the monastery's natural surroundings, giving an excellent area for contemplation, meditation, and spiritual growth. 

Monastic Community

Join a caring community of other monks and nuns who share wisdom and companionship in a mindful atmosphere. 

Spiritual Enrichment

Immerse yourself in monastic teachings and practices to strengthen your spiritual connection and improve your inner health. Adopting a harmonious lifestyle of body, mind, and spirit to promote a balanced and meaningful living. 

Details on lodging: 

Comfortable space: 

Well-thought-out housing ideal for your spiritual journey and meditation practice. Participate in regular meditation sessions and cultivate awareness in the serene surroundings of the monastery. 

Cultural Exchange

Gain a better knowledge of old customs by interacting with other monks and nuns. 

How to Sign Up: 

Please contact our devoted team to learn more about the one-of-a-kind chance to live at Dharma Cloud Monastery. We welcome monks and nuns seeking spiritual devotion and progress. Enhance your spiritual trip by staying in our private monastic accommodations. Experience the monastery's tranquillity, fellowship, and attentiveness. Please contact our staff with any questions or for further information. Your spiritual journey begins right here.

Student Accommodation and Guardianship: 

Accommodation Options: 

We understand that your accommodation choice is essential for a fulfilling experience. Explore the following options tailored to your preferences and budget: Homestay: Ideal for newcomers, young learners, and short-term English students. Experience Australian culture by becoming a part of a local family during your stay. Shared Rooms: If renting an apartment is a financial challenge, shared rooms are a practical choice. Connect with fellow students or families offering furnished or unfurnished rooms. 

Guardianship for Under-18 Students: 

For students under 18, a guardian ensures your welfare until you come of legal age. We offer several guardianship avenues to suit your circumstances: Accompanying Family Member: Obtain an entry visa for a close family member (parent, sibling) to accompany and care for you during your studies. Family Member in Australia: If a family member resides in Australia, we facilitate the guardianship application process before your arrival. Agent-Appointed Guardian: The College assists you in selecting a guardian from reputable commercial guardianship services. 

Discover More: 

For detailed information, visit our website at 

Accommodation Inquiries: 

Should you require accommodation assistance, please reach out to us via email at

Your comfort and security are paramount, and we're here to help you every step of the way.