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Delivery mode: This program is delivered in the classroom and through structured self-study.

Duration: 52 weeks, including 40 study weeks and 12 weeks of holidays.

Study load: 14 hours of classroom training and assessment and structured self-study of 6 hours per week.

Overview of Course:

"This qualification reflects the role of individuals who apply knowledge, practical skills and experience in leadership and management across a range of enterprise and industry contexts.

Individuals at this level display initiative and judgement in planning, organising, implementing, and monitoring their own workload and the workload of others. They use communication skills to support individuals and teams to meet organisational or enterprise requirements.

They may plan, design, apply and evaluate solutions to unpredictable problems, and identify, analyse, and synthesise information from a variety of sources. 

The latest release of the qualification and packaging rules can be found at the following link:

https://training.gov.au/Training/Details/BSB50420 "

Who Should Apply For This Course and Why?

"This course is targeted at students who are:

•     seeking to pursue a career in leadership and management

•     seeking to enter a new industry sector

•     seeking a pathway to higher-level qualifications.

Completing this course may provide you with employment or learning opportunities. Potential employment options are in a range of leadership and management roles in a range of industry areas. Further education pathways may include the BSB60420 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management, or a range of other Advanced Diplomas in the BSB Training Package or higher education qualifications in leadership and management."

What Can I Expect?

The following units are included in this course, and all are required for the award of the qualification. If you successfully complete some but not all units, you will be awarded with a Statement of Attainment.
(You need to take all the core courses and two elective courses)
CodeTitle Core or Elective
BSBCMM511Communicate with influenceCore
BSBCRT511Develop critical thinking in othersCore
BSBLDR523Lead and manage effective workplace relationshipsCore
BSBOPS502Manage business operational plansCore
BSBPEF502Develop and use emotional intelligenceCore
BSBTWK502Manage team effectivenessCore
BSBCMM412Lead difficult conversationsElective
BSBCRT512Originate and develop conceptsElective
BSBOPS503Develop administrative systemsElective
BSBOPS504Manage business riskElective
BSBPEF501Manage personal and professional developmentElective
BSBTWK503Manage meetingsElective

Training and Assessment Information

"This course is delivered through face-to-face training and assessment.

The timetable for this course will be advised in your Offer Letter and Student Agreement. 

You are required to attend classes for 14 hours per week, as well as complete 6 hours of structured self-study per week for 40 study weeks (4 terms of 10 weeks each). Holiday breaks are 12 weeks in total and the timing of these breaks will be advised in your timetable when you start your course.  

Face to face sessions include a mix of theory and practical activities with a focus on creating a real-life workplace. 

In addition to face-to-face training and assessment and structured self-study, you will also need to complete approximately 5 hours of additional, unsupervised study per week including general reading and research for assessments. 

You will also need to complete assessments for this course which may include: 

•     written questions

•     projects 

•     presentations

•     reports

•     role plays/observations.

At the beginning of each unit, your trainer and assessor will outline the assessment tasks that must be completed.

Your classes will be conducted in modern classrooms, and you will be able to access Wi-Fi. There are also areas for you to relax, as well as conduct additional study.  

You will be provided with a Student Guide relevant to each unit in your course. "


We offer the following in relation to support and welfare:

•     one-to-one support from the trainer/assessor

•     support with personal issues

•     access to additional learning resources 

•     reasonable adjustment in assessment

•     social events 

•     information about external sources of support.

You may not have studied for a while, may have English as a second language or need additional assistance with literacy or numeracy. 

We will identify any additional support needs you may have at the time of application and enrolment and may prepare a Student Support Plan for you based on those needs.

What are The Entry Requirements?

Australian Dharma College has the following entry requirements:

You must:

•     be at least 18 years of age and have completed the equivalent of Year 12

•     participate in a course entry interview to determine suitability for the course and student needs

•     have sufficient language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills as tested through a language, literacy and numeracy assessment. Students will need to achieve ACSF level 3 for reading, writing, numeracy and oral communication to enter the course.

How Can I Apply?

To apply for this course, you are required to complete an enrolment form and submit all required supporting evidence including:

•     a copy of your High School Certificate or equivalent.

We will then contact you to conduct a course entry interview and LLN assessment.

Where To From Here?

If your application is successful, we will send you an Offer Letter and Student Agreement. You should make sure you read through this document carefully to make sure you are happy with all of the terms and conditions. If you are, then simply sign the document and send it back to us.

Once we receive this, we will issue you with a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) letter and an invoice for the first payment.

The first day of each course will include orientation and induction. Orientation will include information about accessing our support services and methods for achieving success throughout the course, including course progress requirements.

This course outline should be read in conjunction with Australian Dharma College’s Student Handbook. This can be found online at https://www.audharmacollege.com.au.

How much does it cost?

The costs for this course are as follows:

Tuition Fees:

- Course fees: 

- Enrolment fee: 

- Material fee: 

Non-tuition fees: May apply and can be found in our Student Handbook on our website at


Courses fees do not include laptops or software - see information above.